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How to use gimp's resynthesize plugin

Gimp's 'resynthesize' plugin is very similar to a major feature that photoshop CS5 will have. The resynthesize plugin is free, is awesome, and I'm going to show you how to use it on GIMP
e all saw the video of the magic coming in photoshop CS5...well this uses the exact same plugin, but it's free, and it's on GIMP (my favorite editor).

In this, I'm using gimp v2.4 on windows 32 bit.

There are two things (other than gimp, obviously) that I need to make this work:
  • The first is this file (the actual plugin).
  • And this file (right-click, save as) (the script that calls it). (the version I am using here is patched to actually work [tested on gimp 2.4 and 2.6 on win32]. If you are getting an error message using the file linked on gimp registry that you have passed an invaled number of arguments, this file should fix to an anonymous poster on registry.gimp for pointing this out)
Got it? Cool, lets get started.
  • Download the first file, and copy the executable called "resynthesizer.exe" (from the first download) to C:\program files\gimp-2.0\lib\gimp.0\plug-ins\
  • Download the second file and copy it to C:\program files\gimp-2.0\share\gimp.0\scripts\
(these files must be in these locations, it is really important that you have the second file (the script). If you're trying to use the plugin, and getting really weird splotches (usually from the top of the image) check to make sure you're suing the script, and not calling resynthesize directly).

Reboot the GIMP (to reload the scripts).

This is the image that we're going to be working with: I took it last summer and was really sad when I saw that there were a couple of things (like the boat) that I wanted to remove from it. I could do it by hand, but it would take forever. Resynth to the rescue!

I want to remove the purse from the ground, as well as the boat.
First, I select the purse using the lasso tool (it's the third tool in from the left, one to the right of the circle-select tool. Use it to draw around what you want, press enter, and it will select your drawing).

now right click on the canvas, and go to filters->enhance->heal selection (I left the values at the default, but feel free to play with them).


Not bad at all. Now howabout that boat? I selected it with the lasso tool


Applied the script:


And this was the result:


So you can see that this tool is really really simple to use, really powerful, and totally usuable without spending almost $1000 on photoshop. Hooray for open source! :)

If it still isn't working, make absolutely positive that you have both of the files linked at the top (and that you're using the patched version of smart-remove.scm). If you're going to filter->Map->Resynthesize and getting strange results, read the tutorial again! You need to be doing filter->enhance->Heal Selection!

Note: the resynth plugin author's website is Here

Link to this

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