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How to download flash videos from the internet (For my coolest friend ever)


How to download flash videos from the internet. How to download flip videos, and youtube videos, and probably every other kind of video you want. Hooray!

So somebody uploaded something to a video sharing website like flip or youtube, but they didn't actually send you the file? WHAT THE HECK, HOW RUDE OF THEM! This is how you download flip videos (this probably works for youtube too, but I don't know).

The thing you care about here is called a browser cache. Basically, when your browser (the thing you use for viewing websites) is playing a video, it has to store it somewhere. What we want to do is exploit this and save the video for viewing later :).

  • First, download this software: nirsoft cache viewer (here is a direct link if you are using windows)
  • Next, open up internet explorer and go to the video.
  • Watch the video in its entirety (It's important that you watch the whole thing).
  • Done? Okay, now...keep the webpage with the video on it open (this might not be necessary, but do it anyway!) and open up the Nirsoft program, you should see something like this (minus the arrows):
The arrows there are to point out a few important things:
1)The arrow pointing to the "Content Type"...see how it says video/mp4? That is what we want :)
2)The arrow pointing to the "last modified"...I arranged it by this column (just click on the words "Lost Modified") so that the recent things were at the top.
3)The two things with the same filesize means they're the same thing.
Okay, so you've found the file you want to save... cool. Right click on it and a menu like this will pop up:
Click the text that says "Copy Selected Files To", it will make a box that looks like this pop up:
save to
Click the thing that the arrow on the right is pointing to (to select where you want to save the file to). This will cause the box that the arrow on the left is pointing to to come up. I chose to save the file to my desktop.
Click okay on the top box, then okay on the box below it (the box on the top is where you chose Desktop, the box on the bottom is where it was asking you where you wanted to save it).
The files should now be on your desktop, enjoy :).

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Be sure to check out our other project, Thingist - Things you love