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How to download flash videos from the internet (For my coolest friend ever)

How to download flash videos from the internet. How to download flip videos, and youtube videos, and probably every other kind of video you want. Hooray!

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How to Make Coffee

How to make coffee, coffee is delicious, you want to know how to make coffee, I am here to help showing you how to just make some freaking coffee!

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How to get into the menu on an Intermec 2435 handheld

The menu on the intermec 2435 handheld is where you change the wifi and terminal settings. This shows you how to get into the menu on the intermec 2435.

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How to use gimp's resynthesize plugin

Gimp's 'resynthesize' plugin is very similar to a major feature that photoshop CS5 will have. The resynthesize plugin is free, is awesome, and I'm going to show you how to use it on GIMP Read How-to-use-gimp's-resynthesize-plugin

How to configure the wireless network on an Intermec 2435 handheld.

How to configure the wireless network on an intermec 2435 handheld. Without configuring the wireless network on this device, it is a very expensive paperweight only, this is why I'm going to show you how to do it.

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How to get PHP4 working on OpenBSD

How to get PHP4 working on OpenBSD. I'm using PHP for nagios and my browser kept trying to download the PHP files instead of running them. No good. This is how to make it work.

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How to just zero out a file without removing it

How to remove the contents of a file on linux/bsd without actually removing it. This is useful if you want to nuke something like a log file, but don't want to lose the permissions.

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What is this?

What is this website?

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How to submit a job to an AS/400 system

How to submit a job to an AS400 system.

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How to see queued messages on a postfix mail system

How to see the outbound mail queue on postfix. Postfix obviously cannot just send everything at one time, so it has to queue up messages that it is working with. I am going to show you how to view these.

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How to password protect an apache directory

You want to password protect a website? directory on a website? This is how.

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How to set up a CGI proxy

So you want to set up a CGI proxy, do you? This is useful if you want to get around work filter, want to route your internet traffic through another country, want to conceal what you'e doing, etc.

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Initialize Ricoh G700SE Config

The Ricoh G700SE

is an inventory camera with a barcode scanner on it. It's really useful, it's rugged, it's awesome.

A camera with a barcode reader was something I looked for for a long time.

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